We have been with Ambleside Speech for about 6 months and are very happy with the results. My son struggles with story telling and summarizing information, but over the last few months we are seeing real improvements in those areas. A professional environment, but still fun for kids!                                                                              !   ___________________________________                                                                          !                              RITA

Aruna is great. We really like what she is doing with our daughter. She has great rapport with my daughter and that is so important. I really appreciate the time she takes at the end of our sessions to go over things with me. Would definitely recommend her to anyone.                                                                              !   ___________________________________                                                                          !                              LAUREL


Our daughter has had great improvements in her speech over the year she has been seeing Aruna. She enjoys her sessions immensely and looks forward to working with her. Aruna is excellent in keeping us (the parents) informed about our daughters progress and works well with her teachers to keep everyone on the same page.                                                                             !   ___________________________________                                                                          !                              JENNIFER

We have been incredibly happy with the speech services provided by Aruna and her team. My son has shown huge improvement during his time there and it’s down to the care and quality of service that they provide. Aruna makes the sessions fun and engaging and hs the perfect personality to keep my son at ease and ready to learn. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ambleside Speech to anyone looking for a high quality provider.                                                                             !   ___________________________________                                                                          !                              GENEVIEVE

Ambleside Speech, Aruna and Claire provide professional yet very high quality services to my adolescent daughter with ASD. This relationship is a long term and I can see my daughter's progress in speech and communicating skills. Aruna has been very successful in establishing trust and fun as well as flexibility and authenticity in developing an awesome productive way to implement regular practicing. Conversational English using the varies tools such as breathing techniques to relax and produce the voice intensity, rhythms and awareness of syllables in speech, words games and questions - answers, using electronics to record voice and monitoring the sound output, typing, reading, face expressions while sounding out, explaining position and movement of mouth, tongue, teeth, while pronouncing vowels or consonants. My daughter likes her SLP time and looks forward to master her speaking skills. Her speech became much more clear and she has been more understood by others. Even though her primary communicating is through RPM technique, it is important for her to develop the skill of verbal communication. Thank you a lot !                                                                             !   _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                          !                                                                                  KRYSTYNA

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