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Speech Language Pathologists address the needs of those who exhibit difficulties with cognitive functions (attention, memory, problem-solving, etc.), receptive and expressive language needs, literacy, social interaction, including social thinking deficits, and social anxiety, voice and fluency problems, and difficulties with speech production.  We provide a full range of services for all age groups.

Whether you are suffering from brain injury and have related communication needs, have a child with receptive and expressive impairments, have difficulties with literacy, are looking to improve your speech production, want to improve your quality of life by managing social anxiety,  or want to enhance your career advancement through improved communication, we can help.

At Ambleside Speech we offer individualized assessment and treatment services that are designed to help communicate effectively and more confidently by overcoming challenges, through engaging and positive experiences.



Complete Assessment


Speech Production Only 


One Hour Therapy

(includes 50 minutes ofclient contact time)

30 Minute Therapy

(includes 25 minutess of client  contact time)

Speech and Language Services may be covered by your Extended Health Plan. Contact your insurance provider to see if they cover Speech and Language Assessments and Treatments. Additionally, several funding sources/charities have offered grants to help preschoolers, school-aged children and adults in their journey towards cognitive-communicative success.



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