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Communication is a complex process that is driven by wants, needs and the desire to share experiences. What we communicate to each other is conveyed through body language,  emotional expression, verbal speech, and behaviour. Speech is a very efficient means of sharing complex information quickly and meaningfully, and is used as a primary tool for participating within our society. Many things can influence inadequacy in communication.

Whether you are suffering from brain injury and have related communication needs, have a child with receptive and expressive impairments, have difficulties with literacy, are looking to improve your speech production, want to improve your quality of life by managing social anxiety, want to enhance your career advancement through improved communication, we are here to help.

Ambleside Speech is a GIS Speech Co. Facility. We are a boutique clinic that delivers quality, comprehensive services in a relaxed, professional environment.

G.I.S. Speech Co represents a quality and style of service delivery that can be recognized and expected across all of our clinics. Reflected at every level of service, both within each session and during the course of therapy, you will find the elements of GROUND, INNOVATE and SUSTAIN.

Our sessions progress from establishing a client partnership and providing the recognition and stability, of grounding through client collaboration, while we providing a meaningful map of where we need to go and how to get there.

We then turn our direction to innovative practice, bringing our knowledge, diversity, experience, and creativity to the table while delivering results during positive and engaging sessions.  

Our focus then shifts to moving the responsibility to our clients to self-manage while providing a secure context in which to succeed, which is the sustaining phase of our service.




Establishing a client partnership, providing the recognition and stability of client collaboration


Knowledge, diversity, experience, and creativity to deliver results through positive and engaging sessions


Empowering our clients to self-manage while providing a secure context in which to succeed


SpeechLanguage Pathologists address the needs of those who exhibit difficulties with cognitive functions (attention, memory, problem-solving, etc.), receptive and expressive language needs, literacy, social interaction, including social thinking deficits, and social anxiety, voice and fluency problems, and difficulties with speech production.  We provide a full range of services for all age groups.

At Ambleside Speech Inc. we offer individualized assessment and treatment services that are designed to help communicate effectively and more confidently by overcoming challenges, through engaging and positive experiences.



Aruna is experienced in providing diagnostic evaluations and treatment to adults and children with a wide range of language based learning difficulties. With the goal of helping individuals achieve their communicative potential, she provides individualized and group-based services.

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Tess has been working with a wide range of paediatric speech and language disorders where she delivers holistic therapy using a play-based and functional approach.

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Tara comes to us with a background in medical speech-language pathology, with experience in both acute care and rehabilitation hospital settings. Her work has focused primarily on the assessment and treatment of individuals with swallowing, speech, language and cognitive communication disorders as a result of stroke, brain injury, aging and neurodegenerative disease.

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